Welcome to Castle Newfoundlands

Here at Castle Newfoundlands each and every one of our puppies are bred with love and care to raise healthy, happy, and well socialized puppies.

The Parents


CH Bearscamp's Emperor CGCA "Blaze-DOB 12/16/2008 #WS29276801

Sire-CH Longships GRNMTNBOY Bearscamp-DOB 10-07 #WS14075303

Dam-CH Versailles Bearscamp DE L'Iliade ET L'Odyssee 02-07 #WS11936601

Blaze is our first Newf and our pride and joy! He has been such a fun (and sometimes goofy) Newf to start with. He has such a wonderful personality and everywhere we go, he loves to "meet and greet" new people. He especially loves kids!!! As big as he is, he can be the most gentle "bear". He goes out of his way to let kids come to him and enjoys every pet, kiss and hug he can get.


Longship's Irish Lass "Keira" DOB 08/04/2010 #WS34785602

Sire-CH Milano N Longship Lethal Weapon DOB 01/06 #WS12043501

Dam-CH Longship's Belle of the Ball DOB 11/10 #WS24740301

And then came our princess Keira! We decided to add Keira to our family and what a perfect addition she was. She is one of the smartest dogs we've ever had. She has such a quiet presence to her. She's not an "in your face" type dog but if she senses you need therapy, she's there by your side to comfort you. She's so very playful and a beautiful soul. Her specialty is swimming and our hopes is to put a water title on her this year.

Currently Available Pups


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